The recertification season can bring a host of challenges for your organization. Perhaps the first on that list is the volume of certificants and information that needs to be processed. Ascerteon allows your team to automate tasks like notifications, letters, and emails where it makes sense.

The entry and management of recertification activities presents its own challenges too. That's why we've incorporated a tool into each certificant record called the Recert Tracker which allows customer service team members and certificants to enter and track continuing education credits, attendance at events, hours on the job, exam scores, documents, and any other specific requirements that can contribute towards recertification. The configurable design of Ascerteon allows you to setup different pathways to recertify and enforces unique requirements for each type of certification.

Overarching this entire process is the need to keep your certificants informed of what stage of the certification cycle they are currently in. By incorporating your organizations business rules and requirements, Ascerteon can show your certificants how many days they have remaining before they need to recertify, how many of the requirements they currently meet for recertification, and what steps they have left to complete.