Content Management Module

The Ascerteon® Content Management Module serves as a built-in content management system (CMS) for your website. It allows you to manage the creation and maintenance of templates, pages, media uploads, screen definitions and URL mappings that, when put together, form your complete web site. Users can create, configure and maintain one or more web sites and maintain the registered user accounts for each of the web sites.

Key Features of the Ascerteon® Content Management Module:

  • Define, create and edit your own websites.
  • Create staging sites for previewing larger content or design edits.
  • Fully customizable templates, allow you to build any website in any HTML design.
  • Manage all HTML, CSS, JS, Audio and Video assets.
  • Exportable assets and page definitions allow maximum flexibility and future use of code and content.
  • Use built-in tags to easily manage the display of content
  • Setup and configure news feeds for any of your websites. Easily add news content.
  • Create and manage user accounts for secure access to website content