How do you make it easier for interested individuals to learn about your certification requirements and understand the application process? You give them an intuitive interface that visually guides them through the cycle. Ascerteon supports the ability to handle multiple paths to fulfill certification requirements. Workflow rules and dynamic checklists keep track of what's relevant to your applicant and statuses are made available online.

Behind the scenes, maintenance tables and drop-downs allow you to sanitize and standardize form data including organization names, acronyms, industries, and titles with the added ability of reviewing manual entries and adding them to the approved list when appropriate.

Ascerteon organizes all of a certificant's data into one record of reference. Demographics, education history, supporting documentation, emails, exam scores, applications, order history, and more are all grouped into logical tabs that get updated live every time they're clicked. When applicants reach out for help, your customer service team is only a click away from the right information to get on the same page and provide answers. Gone are the days of clicking through 6 menu options and juggling data between multiple windows while hunting through folders. Your team and your certificants deserve a refined system that presents information the same way they think.