Exam Banking

Our revolutionary new Exam Bank Module (EBM) takes test creation to a new level. Create and manage multiple version of your certifications' knowledge base or content outline. Link exam questions to their related knowledge outline areas. View your exam pool by outline areas. Create and manage document references for all of your content areas. Quickly publish new versions of your knowledge base directly to your website.

Exam questions can be created for any certification and easily linked to their knowledge area. The module tracks multiple revisions of the exam question as well as new versions. Question types include multiple choice and free form response. The Exam Bank Module also supports translations of any question to any other languages you support in your program. The module also supports the creation of workflow steps to match your exam question management process. The exam question export feature allows the export of questions by language, version, certification, outline version, and exam form for any type of internal or external review process.

Ascerteon's Exam Bank Module provides multiple ways to create your exam form. Use our data driven exam form generation tool to create your own exam. Built in validation assesses the exam form against your organizations criteria. Easily add or remove alternate exam questions. Manage the finalization of your exam using our configurable exam form statuses. When ready, generate a camera ready copy from our module. Exam forms can be equated against any previous exam form in the same knowledge area that you choose. You can also copy an exam form and add/remove exam questions manually.

Use our built-in exam equating to determine the cut score for any exam form. Our module stores a record of the results of the equating process with the exam form. The module supports equating using either the Tucker or Levine methods. You can also enter your own slope/intercept values from an external source. The Exam Bank Module provides detailed analysis of exam items and exam form statistics through powerful reporting tools and graphical displays.

The module is fully integrated with the Certification Management Module tying all exam scores to certificant data. The module also supports importing exam data from Scantron devices.