Application Administration Module

The Application Administration Module serves as the core module for configuring and maintaining your installation of Ascerteon®. This module lets you define user roles, and set security levels for all users of the application. The module also allows you to define your organization's structure and set access by organizational level (that is by department) in addition to role based access to the features and functions. If your organization uses Microsoft's Active Directory, Ascerteon® can integrate directly with it enabling a unified login and password.

Key Features of the Ascerteon® Application Administration Module:

  • Setup and assign user roles and permissions
  • Define organizational structure for your Certification programs
  • Create custom roles and permissions to meet your organization's internal staff and executive needs
  • Reduced administrative and user burden with unified login through Active Directory integration.
  • Set and maintain all global preferences and options such as: organization name and address, organization logo, date and time preferences; etc.