Exam Bank Module

The Exam Bank Module supports detailed analysis of exam items and exam forms through powerful reporting tools and graphical displays. The Exam Bank Module can create exam forms through its data-driven exam form generation tool tailored to your organization's particular needs. The Exam Bank Module supports exam score analysis using Tucker and Levine methods for exam equating.

The module is fully integrated with the Certification Management Module tying all exam scores to certificant data.

exambank screenshot

Key Features of the Ascerteon® Exam Bank Module:

  • Create and manage question banks
  • Create exam forms from pools of existing questions
  • Manage equators
  • Establish and manage cut scores for exams
  • Generates graphical statistical analysis at the question, exam or administration level
  • Support item writing and collaborative item reviews
  • Manage question translation from multiple languages
  • Import test scores from 3rd party providers
  • Export seating lists to 3rd party providers