Why Ascerteon?

Your certification operations are too important to settle for software that is close enough.

Ascerteon is specifically designed for certifying organizations and certificant management

Ascerteon is NOT a membership management system, an association management system, nor a CRM. Many companies will try and pitch you these type of systems, repurposed as tools for certification. Because certification is a unique, complex process that cannot be "made to work" within the constraints of typical off-the-shelf member management systems, we have spent years perfecting Ascerteon.

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Ascerteon Features
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Fully Featured, Ready to Go

Ascerteon supports all certification operation needs right out of the gate. Need something more? Our implementation team can customize or configure the system to match your existing business rules.

Initial Certification Applications

Supporting multiple pathways to initial certification, Ascerteon can quickly determine who is ready to test, easing the burden of traditional certification paper pre-processing.

Full Examination Support

From testing center integration to exam score imports, Ascerteon closes the loop on all of your testing needs. Want more? How about a full featured Exam Bank to aid in the creation of your exams and analysis.

CE and Recertification Tracking

Ascerteon tracks whatever continuing education or relevant experience is necessary to get your certificants ready for recertification. Our real-time dashboard can be configured to quickly show certificants where they stand at any given point in time.


From publicly accessible verification lists and interactive charts, to fee-based verification requests, Ascerteon can quickly get your certificants' credentials into the hands of employers.

Marketing and Certificant Outreach

Use our built-in mail and communications tools or add on 3rd party marketing tools to create powerful communication channels to reach your certificants with ease.

Integrated Payment Processing

Full e-commerce support handles all of your payment procedures from inside of Ascerteon. Track payments, issue vouchers, sell certification-related products, and tie it all back into your accounting system.

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