Why Ascerteon Licensure?

Your licensure operations are too important to settle for software that is close enough.

Ascerteon Licensure is specifically designed for licensing bodies and licensee management

Prestige Technologies, Inc. has been providing quality software solutions for over 15 years. Our Ascerteon Licensure Management System is specifically designed for licensing organizations and supports all aspects of the licensing process in a single, secure, configurable, and centralized solution. From initial license applications, integration with exam providers, CE tracking and license renewals, integrated payment processing, direct communication with license holders and license verification - Ascerteon manages it all!

A state license in counseling is a professional achievement that requires unique, actionable events over time - Ascerteon is the tool of choice.


A counselor's journey typically includes: Education, Application, Examination, Review, Approval Passed to State. We have built our product to work with these steps, keeping your staff and the counselors informed along the way. As each state can be unique in the details of their license requirements, Ascerteon is easily configurable to guide your licensees through the various requirements.

A state license is a professional achievement that requires unique, actionable events over time - Ascerteon is the tool of choice.

Ascerteon Features

Fully Featured, Ready to Go

Ascerteon supports licensure operational needs and state requirements right out of the gate. Need something more? Our implementation team can customize or configure the system to match your existing business rules.

CE Tracking

Ascerteon tracks all continuing education or relevant experience as necessary to get licensees ready for renewal. Our real-time dashboard can be configured to quickly show licensees where they stand at any given point in time.

Communications and Licensure Contact

The built-in Email, mail and communications tools facilitates direct contact with licensees. Our powerful communications tool allows for spontaneous, scheduled and recurring direct contact.

Full Examination Support

Ascerteon closes the loop on all testing requirements to include online and testing center integration (with score imports).


From publicly accessible verification lists and interactive charts, to fee-based verification requests, Ascerteon can quickly get licensees' credentials into the necessary hands.

Integrated Payment Processing

Full e-commerce support handles all payment procedures from inside of Ascerteon and the web. Payments, vouchers, related products, can be tied back into accounting and tracking systems.